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We bring the right talent to the table to
​help you bring your idea to life.  

Strategic Solutions

We help design business strategy, technology & integrated models for you to launch the solution.

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Design Thinking

Our leading experts in innovation design,
technology and startup business design will get you ahead of competition.

You have Innovative VISIONs for your business transformation.
Health Enovations consultants help you design SOLUTIONS.

Meet Our Health Enovation Strategy Team


Our team of health enovation consultants & strategists help you with health technology consulting and business strategy advisory through innovation design thinking with effective business modeling methodology. We track healthcare and pharmaceutical trends, new technologies and new ways to build prototypes effectively and creatively. Guided by the leadership of Grace Lee, a leader in the industry for 20 years, we've got a formula for your success in the foreseeable future. 

Coaching for Your Journey

Why feel lost when you can have expert in health technology consulting guide you along the innovation design & strategy journey?